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Norton Outdoors is a young company founded out of a passion for the outdoors, innovation, and sustainability. Our founders are both riders and love to spend time outdoors and believe everyone should be able to do that, no matter their age or ability.

We know that by introducing our range of affordable and durable eBikes, that our customers, will spend more time in nature and be more active, even if it is with a little help. In addition to the proven health benefits of being more active, it will also allow them to connect more closely with their surroundings and the environment which will foster a sense of responsibility and duty towards the environment.

So, get on your bike and make the most of your surrounding area whilst also caring for it.

NORTON eBike Range

Cater for a wide range of recreational, commercial as well as commuter applications.

The UKKO foldable

(UKKO meaning: is the god of the sky, weather, harvest and thunder in Finnish mythology.)

- At Norton we refer this to the e-Bike mythology

The Norton UKKO is a Lively, Flexible, Humble and Simply foldable electric bike.

This will be marketed to the outdoor enthusiast that lives his/her life out in the open where riding a normal bicycle is easier than one, two, three. Accessories as in Rear Pannier bags, Surfboard and Rifle holders can be fitted to our Frames.

We cater for young and old. Our step through design makes it so much easier to get on/off the bike and places you in full control.

Great for security companies who need to patrol large areas and parameters by foot.


This BAKFIETS SA is the first of its kind in SOUTH AFRICA and were SOLD OUT on the first shipment on pre-orders! Great for coastal and smaller towns or villages where you can take kiddies to school, do the groceries shopping and even start your own small business from it!

We specialise in transforming your BAKFIETS into a food/Beer or coffee bike.

MTB Dual Suspension

The dual suspension range comes in two different models, with the main difference being an increase in specification around the shocks and the derailleur of the Pro version. Both models however come with the same amazing 500W mid drive motor. These bikes are ideal for cross country and endurance riding.

THOR and ZEUS will soon be released as new models of Ancient gods in the E-Bike mythology.

Full Specification & Pricelist

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Our Promise

Norton eBikes cater for a wide range of social and leisure activities. We pride ourselves that the Origin of our product is German Design and the factory is based in China with more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing electric bikes.

We cater for young and old

Reliable after sales service

Long lasting components

Try before you bye

Finance option available through our finance partner

Sound advice on our different products

Carry enough spare parts for any faulty components under warranty

Don't believe us, believe them

Alida Dippenaar 80 years old

“Since Norton Outdoors introduced their foldable off-road bike named the UKKO, I was beyond excited to try an electric bike for the first time! Wow! what an exciting experience, with awesome components and a motor strong enough to do beach rides easily and to pull the kiddies along in a trailer."

W Piek

"I love my BAKFIETS. Makes life so much easier to take kids to the beach and roam around our beautiful coastal village. Thank You NORTON for an awesome E-Bike experience!"

S v Oordt

"I had the privilege to ride one of the NORTON Ukko’s just when they arrived in SA and around the beautiful Knysna Leisure Isle and this is an absolute must buy. Your possibilities are endless. Thank you Almar from NORTON OUTDOORS for the great service."

Norton Outdoors


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